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Waterstone Annual Board Meeting- Mark your calendars!
Posted on Aug 25th, 2020 Comments (0)
The Board of Directors of Waterstone Homeowners Association Inc. and Waterstone Townhouse Neighborhood Homeowners Association, Inc. have scheduled the annual meetings of the membership to occur concurrently on August 31, 2020 from 6:30pm-7:30pm.
The meeting will take place via Google video and conference call. Join with Google Meet:
Join by phone:(US) +1 781-514-9587 (PIN: 806761892)
In the event that the Annual Meeting cannot be conducted due to a lack of quorum, the annual meeting will be called to order and a motion will be made to adjourn for a period of 5 minutes. At that time, the Substitute Annual Meeting will be called to order and the quorum requirement will then be reduced to 5% of the membership.
The business of the meeting will take place providing reduced quorum requirements are met at that time.
Below is the agenda for this meeting.
 Call To Order
 Introduction of Board
 Review of 2020’s Financial / Projects
 Election of Board members for 2020-2021 by mail in vote
 Goals and priorities for 2021
 Q and A
 Adjourn
In the event you are unable to attend, please fill out and return the proxy to assist us in making a quorum for this meeting.
Waterstone Board of Directors Cedar Management Group, LLC
Community Pine Straw Refresh- Coming Soon!
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2020 Comments (0)
Good day neighbors,
We are happy to announce that the Board approved a community wide pine straw refresh! Cooper Landscaping will be performing the work within the next 2 weeks. The scope of the refresh includes all of the front yards/common areas in the townhomes, Coralstone Dr, and down at the pool area. Its been a few years since we last had them laid and the lack of fresh needles were really having a negative impact on our community asthetics.
For the area on Travertine that's been prone to previous flooding, we are adding more rip rap (rock) to certain areas opposed to adding pine straw. There is also a pretty decent slope behind the townhomes on Travertine and need to solution a better landscaping ground cover so it doesnt clog the french drains. Needless to say, we wont be adding pine straw to that specific area for the time being.
Speaking of landscaping, we arent signing another contract with Carolina Landscape's given the numerous ongoing service issues and are currently negotiating with the companies we are speaking with to include annual pine straw refreshes as part of the standard contract scope and not a seperate, billiable line item. More news to come on the landscape contract negotations so stay tuned.
A big shout out to Caron Aiken for all of her hard work on this!
Community Pool Improvements!
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2020 Comments (0)
Good day neighbors,
This week, a new hot water tank was recently installed at the community pool. The Board recently discovered that several years back the original tank was removed but never replaced?!?!?! After finding that hot water is needed as part of SC Pool Code, we worked to get quotes and coordinated the install. Now, more than ever its important that hot water is available in the bathrooms for proper hand washing of residents and CPM staff, not to mention available for the shower. We are meeting with the plumber onsite tomorrow at the pool to make some final tweaks to the temperature of the hot water.
In addition to the hot water tank, we also discovered a pretty significant leak that was occurring by the playground area from one of the water spickets on the pool deck. We coordinated the replacement of the faulty spicket and concrete repair as well. We are also working with a maintenance company to get quotes for the park gate that doesnt close properly and hope to have that wrapped up in the couple of weeks as well.
If you know of any other repairs that are needed, please reach out to the Waterstone Board at waterstone-bod@googlegroups.com.
New Pest Control Company Starting Sept 1st which includes Waterstone resident discounts!
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2020 Comments (0)
Good day neighbors,
The Board is happy to announce that the Board signed a 1 year contract with Freedom Pest Control out of Tega Cay, SC to service and support our community pest control needs. August was the last month that Cramer Pest Control serviced our area and starting Sept 1st, Freedom will provide bi-monthly exterior service to all of the townhomes and monthly service to the pool house.
Scope of bi-monthly exterior service will include:
The perimeter service will include a liquid treatment of the foundation (3'up) and a liquid treatment of the lawn/mulch/flower/pinestraw beds 3 feet out. A liquid treatment of all door thresholds and window sills and a granular bait adjacent to the foundation wall on all 4 sides (not on concrete only on soil) All wasp nests (visually accessible) will be treated and removed (up to 24' high) All fire ant mounds will be injected 8" deep with liquid Talstar. Spiders will be sprayed (webs not removed but treated in an attempt to kill the spider not just remove the web).
The contract has been uploaded to the Waterstone HOA and as mentioned, Freedom Pest is offering deeply discounted pricing to Waterstone residents as follows:
Townhome interior service for residents: They can provide an inside service for $20 for any townhome if they are on site. If the service is requested on the days that Freedom isnt servicing the townhome community, there will be a $45 charge for each service. Inside service also includes garages as well!
Single family exterior service for residents: The single family houses in Waterstone can call and schedule an exterior preventative treatment for $50. The service will need to be scheduled in advance and on a day that they are scheduled to be here servicing the town houses. The exterior service will not treat for fire ants or bees, however, spider webs will be treated but not removed (treating the web almost always kills the spider, simply removing the web typically leaves the spider).
Feel free to reach out to Dave Staub at Freedom Pest Control to schedule your service when our contract goes live on September 1st! They can be reached at 843-637-9030.
As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to the Board: waterstone-bod@googlegroups.com
Pool amenities- Need your feedback!
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2020 Comments (1)
We know that the end of the pool season is coming upon us which already gets us thinking about next year!
Amenities increase property values and we want to capitalize on the fact that we have a great community pool! We would like to purchase some items for next years pool season but before we did, we wanted to get feedback from the community. Below are some thoughts:
Ping Pong Table
Outdoor Connect 4
2 Poolside Basketball Hoops
Cornhole Boards
As previously communicated, the bathroom floors, and new bathroom stalls are currently scheduled for renovations when the pool season closes next month. These additional items we are suggesting will be above and beyond those repairs/updates.
What are your thoughts or suggestions?
Drainage Issues on Azurine Circle- Repairs scheduled for Tuesday, August 4th at 7am!
Posted on Jul 30th, 2020 Comments (0)
From Board Member AR Rosso
Hello Neighbors.
Repairs for the standing water on Azurine are scheduled to start Tuesday, August 4th at 7am. In order to fix the standing water, WA concrete will be re-setting the curb and fixing the asphalt. As a result of the repairs, the 3 parking spaces belonging to 919 & 921 will need to be vacant. We'll be providing written notices to those residences in the upcoming days and vehicles can be parked at the community pool while work is being performed.
A big shout out to Milton Chicas, HOA President, for coordinating the company used for the repairs and resident Marguerite Malloy for bringing this to our attention!
Additional drainage repairs that are causing flooding on Midnight Blue are also being coordinated/ scheduled and we'll communicate when those repairs will start in the upcoming days/weeks!
Waterstone Pressure Washing Discount!
Posted on Jul 30th, 2020 Comments (0)
From Board Member AR Rosso
Hi Neighbors.
As previously communicated, our Townhome community, clubhouse/pool and community monuments are scheduled to be cleaned starting Aug 17th. As part of our contract negotiations with the vendor completing the work (Highland Contracting) they are offering Waterstone residents a 10% discount off pressure washing services.
Please contact Steve Ross at 704-771-9837 or steve@highland-contracting.com to schedule your service and let him know you are a Waterstone resident to receive the discount 
Street repairs on Leela Palace- underway!
Posted on Jul 28th, 2020 Comments (0)
From Board Member AR Rosso
Hi all.
Scott Prophet coordinated the repairs on Leela Palace with York County road maintenance! They were out today to mark the area and will be completing the repairs within the up coming days/weeks. Thank you, Scott!
Are there any other county owned roads in Waterstone that are in need of repairs? (County owned streets are identified with green street signs instead of blue.)
As an FYI, anyone can call York County and request road repairs on county owned streets, even outside of our community; you don’t have to be on the HOA Board. York County road maintenance can be reached at 803-628-3200.
Townhome Power Washing- Starts August 17th!
Posted on Jul 28th, 2020 Comments (0)
From Board Member AR Rosso
Hi All,
After realizing that our contract with our existing power washing expired, the board worked to obtain new quotes with not only our current power washing company but new vendors as well. After careful consideration, which included professional reference checks, we've signed a 1 year contract with Highland Contracting for our community power washing needs. The scope of their services include:
1, All townhome exteriors including sidewalks, driveways, white vinyl divider fencing (rear concrete slabs are not included)
2. Mailbox stations
3. All monument signs throughout community up to and including the entrance monument and fence
4. Pool deck, clubhouse, sidewalks and curbs
Highland Contracting will post notices for residents of specified units of impending pressure washing about to take place at least three days in advance. Notice will include request for the removal of personal property on patios and the unlocking of any gates so complete cleaning can be achieved. Notice will include the date(s) work is expected to begin.
We are also working on getting MSDS sheets for the chemicals that will be used during the cleaning process and we'll be uploading them to the Waterstone website as well. I'm also working with the contractor to see if they can offer a discount to Waterstone residents who own single family homes and will provide another update as soon as we hear something!
Shortly following the power washing, Scott Prophet has graciously offered to repaint all of the community monuments, which will make a huge improvement to our community curb appeal. We'll work to color match the existing paint used for the signs so they are consistent with the original design.
Information regarding Highland Contracting can be found here:
Please feel free to contact the Waterstone Board with any questions: waterstone-bod@googlegroups.com
Red Rock Management- New Property Management Company for Waterstone
Posted on Jul 22nd, 2020 Comments (0)
From Board Member AR Rosso
Hi All,
As mentioned in our community meeting on 07/14/20, the 2019 Board vetted new property management companies and agreed that Red Rock Management would be the best choice for our community. Prior to signing their contract and sending a notice of cancellation to Cedar Management, we wanted to send it out to the community for feedback or edits to ensure we aren't missing anything. We want to make the best possible choice for our community and who better to solicit feedback from than our homeowners! :)

Please review the contract under "Community Contracts," and email your suggestions to the Waterstone Board: waterstone-bod@googlegroups.com. We'd kindly ask that all feedback be submitted by no later than 07/30/20.

From a price comparison perspective, Red Rock will cost the community $3,012 vs $4880 that we currently pay Cedar. However, cost shouldn't be the only aspect we look at when making a decision. We've also uploaded both of Cedar Managements contracts along with all of our other vendor contracts under the section titled "Community Contracts."  (You must be registered on this website to be able to view this page.)
We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!
Highlights of 2020 Annual HOA Meeting
Posted on Jul 14th, 2020 Comments (0)
To see the highlights of the 2020 Annual HOA Meeting, please click here.  
Neighborhood Updates
Posted on Jul 10th, 2020 Comments (0)
From HOA Board Member AR Rosso
Hi neighbors, we wanted to provide some additional updates on happenings occurring throughout our community.
  • The tree trimming is underway and notices will be going to to those residents in the upcoming days in the event vehicles will need to be moved.
  • We are signing a power washing contract with Highland Contracting to power wash all of the townhome exteriors, gutters, driveways, sidewalks and pool house which should start at the end of July. Highland will be sending out notices to homeowners as the dates get closer with important details.
  • We are in the process of quoting new pest control companies for our community and should be making a decision on the upcoming weeks. As part of the quoting negotiations the companies are offering discounts to all Waterstone homeowners for interior service. Once a decision has been made, we’ll communicate those details and provide the contact information so homeowners can schedule interior service if they are interested.
  • Our community basketball court is in bad shape and we are working on getting quotes for the repairs/resurfacing.There is some pretty significant erosion occurring around the court itself which is a safety concern and part of the quoting process will include installing a 3 sided fence to prevent people from injuring themselves if they were to inadvertently fall off one of the sides. Stay tuned..
  • Several stops signs and other signs are being replaced/removed in the upcoming week along with getting quotes for overdue maintenance items. Items like the repair of the pergolas/swings on Coralstone, painting of the community monuments, removing rotted signs, fix leaning stop signs, etc.
  • Mulch/pine needle quotes are in process as well as starting to look for new landscape companies in preparation for our contract expiring at the end of the year.
  • Quotes for soil erosion/ retaining walls on Royal Auburn and other areas of the community are also in the works.
  • The AC units at the pool are in the process of being replaced, and a big shout out to Milton Chicas and Adam Franks for coordinating those efforts!
  • Fence repairs are also scheduled to start at the end of this week!
As we continue the efforts throughout our community, simple maintenance like repainting faded shutters, pressure washing to remove mold/mildew, repainting or replacing rusted mailboxes, etc goes a long way to help keep our community looking at its best!
Let’s make Waterstone great again.
Community Tree Trimming- Starts July 6th!
Posted on Jun 29th, 2020 Comments (0)
From HOA Board Member AR Rosso
Hi Neighbors! I'm happy to announce that we are moving forward with Timber Hill Tree Service, LLC starting July 6th. I'm working with the vendor to coordinate streets/dates so that notices can be sent to those homeowners who may have to move vehicles while trimming is being completed. They anticipate that it will take a week to complete the job barring no issues with weather.
Timber Hill (www.timberhilltreeservice.com) will be trimming trees in all of the common areas, townhomes, pool and community park as well as removing several dead trees on Travertine, Royal Auburn and Shellstone.
For those homeowners located in the single family homes, if you have individual tree trimming or removal needs, please reach out to Mark Shuey (704-752-1940) and tell him that the Waterstone Board referred you!
I'm excited to see the value this is going to bring to our community... Stay tuned for further details on dates and streets!
Neighborhood Happenings
Posted on Jun 23rd, 2020 Comments (0)
From HOA Board Member AR Rosso:
Good day neighbors! I wanted to send out a few updates regarding some ongoing community improvements that will start to add some well needed value to our community.
  • I've reached out to 5 companies to provide quotes for the tree trimming needs throughout the community which include all 180+ of the Crepe Myrtles in the townhouses, along with trees throughout all of the common areas up to and including the pool and park areas. In addition to the trimming, I've also requested the removal of all dead trees and trees that are posing imminent danger that are in need of removal to be included in the scope. Of the 5 companies, 2 have provided quotes; one for $14,000 and the other came back at $18,000. We are waiting on one more company to provide a quote by the end of the week and from there will schedule the work to start based on the vendors availability. We anticipate that the work should start in mid-July, however, more information will be forthcoming.
  • To ensure we have enough funds to cover these and other needs in the community, the Board spoke with Cedar Management last week Friday and they've confirmed that we have over 80k in reserve funds for the Townhomes and is supposed to be sending us the details regarding the reserves for the Single Family Homes. Keep in mind, the 80k in reserves doesn't include the funds that we have set aside for roof repairs since that is held separately.
  • In addition to the tree trimming, we are also working with a contractor by the name of WA Construction & Concrete to perform significant overdue repairs to the aging common area fences throughout our community; more specifically on Coralstone and Mirage/Midnight Blue. We've leveraged WA Construction & Concrete to complete repairs for other areas of our community so we know the quality of work they perform and feel confident they will complete the repairs for a fair and reasonable price. With time, the fence will ultimately need replacement but if properly maintained we can get some additional years of life. Milton Chicas our HOA President, is leading these efforts and we hope to get them completed as quickly as possible given the contractors availability.
  • Landscaping needs are high on the radar as well. We are procuring quotes for pine needles and potentially lava rock in areas of drainage concerns as well as converting to mulch in the townhomes due to risk of fire, etc. Markelle Sargent Harden is leading those efforts and again we hope to make a decision and execute the work as quickly as possible given that the pine needles haven't been replaced in years and is really having a negative impact on our community aesthetics. Speaking of landscaping needs, we've identified concerns with our current Landscaping vendor regarding contractual obligations that aren't being fulfilled such as aeration, bush trimming and fertilization. We are issuing a breach of contract notification to them in the upcoming week and based on our contract, they have 60 days to address. Regardless, we are sourcing other companies in preparation for when our contract expires in Dec 2020 or possibly sooner if they don't cure the breach. We will not be renewing with Carolinas Landscape Management for 2021.
  • I've requested that Cedar Management get quotes together for the concrete repair and painting of the basketball court and as soon as those quotes are available, again, we will look to make a decision and commence work as quickly as possible. Equally, we are in the process of replacing the air conditioning units at the pool. After some back and forth with Cedar Management we decided to purchase the units and we were very fortunate to have a homeowner agree to install those units for free! Milton Chicas has graciously offered to purchase the units out of pocket and submit for reimbursement. With the summer heat upon us, we are looking to get those ordered and installed in the upcoming weeks.
  • We also have areas of the community that face drainage issues which pose a significant risk to homes. While we've been able to address 2 large, problematic areas since January of this year (Travertine and Tinderbox), other areas continue to surface. We recently engaged with companies to assess drainage issues on Midnight Blue and will work to get those approved and scheduled as quickly as possible.
  • We will be riding out the rest of the year with Cedar Management group and Milton Chicas is working on crafting a cancellation letter which is currently under review with an attorney. In addition, the Board will be signing a new contract with Red Rock Management effective January 2021. We look forward to Red Rock's ability to effectively manage the overall needs of our community and the value that is going to bring. More details to come in the HOA meeting scheduled July 14th.
  • Lastly, in an effort to maintain the financial health of our community, Cedar Management has issued letters to accounts that are over 90 days past due. To date, we have $34,000 of uncollected funds which has a profound impact on both the single family and townhome operating expenses. If you have extenuating circumstances we strongly urge you to contact Cedar Management group to discuss payment arrangements and or other options.
I hope this information is helpful!
Posted on Apr 29th, 2019 Comments (0)
Please note the playground does not allow pets inside the fenced in area. The playground is not a dog park, but is meant for a clean place for children to play. The gate is clearly marked that No Pets are Allowed, any individuals that ignores this rule could lose playground and pool privileges.
Complaints can be sent to the Board at Waterstone-BOD@googlegroups.com. Please help us all monitor our community and keep it clean.
Pool Announcement
Posted on Apr 28th, 2019 Comments (0)
The following changes are effective for the 2019 pool season:
1. Lap swimming access will be removed every year and will need to be requested on an annual basis. A waiver can be downloaded here and must be completed and sent to Cedar.
2. The cabana rental rate has been lowered from $75 to $40 for 2 hours. The rental form can be downloaded here.
Trash Collection Information
Posted on Mar 9th, 2019 Comments (0)
Active Waste Solutions started collecting trash and recyclables for the Waterstone neighborhood in February 2019.  Pickup day for trash and recyclables is every Friday.  All containers should be placed out the night before. Listed below are items that can and cannot be recycled.  To print a flyer with the below information, click here.