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Landscaping updates
Posted on Jul 9th, 2021

Hi Neighbors,
The Board of Directors has been busy working with Cooper Landscaping to ensure the timely completion of our communities landscaping projects and deliverables. Landscaping is the single largest expense for our community not to mention the most visually impacting as well.
Cooper recently completed the trimming of all common area bushes and shortly following, we started receiving complaints from homeowners about the clippings that were left behind. We appreciate your feedback and have brought those concerns to Cooper Landscapings attention so they can take the necessary, prompt action to clean those areas up.
Our contract calls for 2x a year pine needle installation and following the trimming this week, they are finishing the laying of pine needles throughout the common areas. For those Townhome owners who choose to have a different ground cover other than pine needles, now would be a good time to perform a refresh. While most clippings are removed it's near impossible to remove every single one, so laying a new layer of ground cover will help cover up any remaining clippings.
You may have also seen new bushes being planted in front of several of the townhomes. Red Rock is working to secure a watering service to help water those areas so the plantings will take since those areas don't have irrigation. In addition to the Townhome plantings, Cooper Landscaping will be installing landscaping at the entrance island of Hwy 160 within the next week or so. This island is owned by the association and over the years has fallen to neglect and become a real eye sore. We are excited to see the value and beautification these plantings will bring!
A few weeks ago, Cooper landscaping also performed aeration in all common areas. Within the next several weeks, those common areas that are lacking grass will also be seeded. Not all areas throughout the Townhome community have irrigation, so again, Red Rock is working on hiring a watering service.
Lastly, Cooper Landscaping is working through the irrigation system to fix inoperable zones. They have engaged with Fling irrigation but are encountering some issues with Flings availability to meet on site and perform the repairs. As a result, we've asked Red  Rock to provide Cooper Landscaping with some additional irrigation companies that they can work with to not only map out all 50 zones but repair those zones that aren't working as intended. As a reminder, we kindly ask residents to refrain from parking on common area grass. Not only is it unsightly, but you may damage irrigation heads.
The Board of Directors does meet with Cooper landscaping shortly following their weekly service to walk the community to ensure that weeds, weed wacking and other related tasks are completed to our satisfaction. While we walk the major areas, we won't see everything so if you happen to have any concerns or questions about the landscaping needs throughout our community, please reach out to the Waterstone Board of Directors at: Waterstone-bod@googlegroups.com
We hope this information is helpful!
Waterstone Board of Directors
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