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Exciting News!
Posted on Dec 2nd, 2021

Hello and Greetings from your Waterstone Board of Directors!
We are quickly approaching the 100-day mark since we took office and we've been quite busy behind the scenes working to make Waterstone better. The road thus far has been difficult and challenging, and we are tackling each issue one by one.
We identified many items that we believe deserve the attention and prioritization of Red Rock, our current HOA property management company. Since taking office, the Board has made several attempts to partner with Red Rock to expedite these items and gain a better understanding of the current state of our community. Unfortunately, Red Rock has continually failed to meet their contractual requirements. Despite our repeated requests for information, they have not provided the support and documentation needed to move our community forward.
A few examples of their failure and lack of follow-through include repairs to the fence along Coralstone, pressuring Cooper Landscaping to complete the bush trimming in a timely manner, addressing Active Waste’s consistent failure to completely empty trash bins, providing timely monthly financial reports (as of today we are still waiting for October financials), preparing accurate Annual Budgets for each Association, providing bids for the necessary dead tree removal in and around the Townhomes, and so much more.
As a result of Red Rock’s lack of cooperation and prioritization of the Waterstone community, the Board has been left no choice but to terminate our relationship with them.  As such, we have provided Red Rock with the required 60-day notice of intent to terminate our contract as of January 30, 2022.
So where does this leave us? After vetting more than 10 HOA Management Companies, we are happy and excited to announce that we have engaged New Town HOA Management, LLC to serve as the new Property Managers for both the Master and Townhome Associations effective January 31, 2022.
Please stay tuned for additional updates to many of the outstanding items and important information regarding this transition. We feel confident that New Town HOA Management will provide us with the level of service the Waterstone neighborhood deserves.
As always if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us using the "Contact Us" link found on our community website waterstonehoa.org or by email at bodwaterstone@gmail.com.
Best Regards,
Board of Directors for Waterstone Homeowners Association and Waterstone Townhouse Neighborhood Homeowners Association
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