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Community Products Underway or Under Consideration
Posted on Jun 9th, 2019

2020-2021 Playground Improvements - Budget/Planning
2019: Removal of old bench, picnic tables, and grill, replacements on order.
Fire ant treatment, new trash can and trash service for the park.
Community Tree Maintenance
Removal of trees endangering power equipment and maintenance of trees growing over signage and encroaching on common areas and sidewalks.
Paving - Townhomes
Identifying options for correction of faulty paving issues and working with the County to determine if adding a visitor parking space complies with codes.
2019 is the first year for Carolina Pool Management company, and there is a noticeable difference in the quality and care of our pool. Thank you to all of the volunteers who worked to make this happen.
2019 Improvements:
Chairs restrapped
New table umbrellas
New water feature in the kiddie pool
Numerous leak repairs to reduce the cost of water for the pool
Ordered new picnic tables for the cabana area
Reduced rental fee of cabana to $40.00 per two hour period for resident use
Future Improvements under consideration/planning:
Resurfacing of bathroom floors
Restrapping of lounger chairs
Concrete/surface repairs
Equipment upgrades to reduce long-term maintenance costs and improve efficiency
Reviewing quotes for correcting uneven sections of the sidewalk throughout the community
Hiring outside audit firm to analyze budget and financial well-being of the HOA
Management Company
Reviewing proposals from new management companies
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