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Posted on Jun 23rd, 2020

From HOA Board Member AR Rosso:
Good day neighbors! I wanted to send out a few updates regarding some ongoing community improvements that will start to add some well needed value to our community.
  • I've reached out to 5 companies to provide quotes for the tree trimming needs throughout the community which include all 180+ of the Crepe Myrtles in the townhouses, along with trees throughout all of the common areas up to and including the pool and park areas. In addition to the trimming, I've also requested the removal of all dead trees and trees that are posing imminent danger that are in need of removal to be included in the scope. Of the 5 companies, 2 have provided quotes; one for $14,000 and the other came back at $18,000. We are waiting on one more company to provide a quote by the end of the week and from there will schedule the work to start based on the vendors availability. We anticipate that the work should start in mid-July, however, more information will be forthcoming.
  • To ensure we have enough funds to cover these and other needs in the community, the Board spoke with Cedar Management last week Friday and they've confirmed that we have over 80k in reserve funds for the Townhomes and is supposed to be sending us the details regarding the reserves for the Single Family Homes. Keep in mind, the 80k in reserves doesn't include the funds that we have set aside for roof repairs since that is held separately.
  • In addition to the tree trimming, we are also working with a contractor by the name of WA Construction & Concrete to perform significant overdue repairs to the aging common area fences throughout our community; more specifically on Coralstone and Mirage/Midnight Blue. We've leveraged WA Construction & Concrete to complete repairs for other areas of our community so we know the quality of work they perform and feel confident they will complete the repairs for a fair and reasonable price. With time, the fence will ultimately need replacement but if properly maintained we can get some additional years of life. Milton Chicas our HOA President, is leading these efforts and we hope to get them completed as quickly as possible given the contractors availability.
  • Landscaping needs are high on the radar as well. We are procuring quotes for pine needles and potentially lava rock in areas of drainage concerns as well as converting to mulch in the townhomes due to risk of fire, etc. Markelle Sargent Harden is leading those efforts and again we hope to make a decision and execute the work as quickly as possible given that the pine needles haven't been replaced in years and is really having a negative impact on our community aesthetics. Speaking of landscaping needs, we've identified concerns with our current Landscaping vendor regarding contractual obligations that aren't being fulfilled such as aeration, bush trimming and fertilization. We are issuing a breach of contract notification to them in the upcoming week and based on our contract, they have 60 days to address. Regardless, we are sourcing other companies in preparation for when our contract expires in Dec 2020 or possibly sooner if they don't cure the breach. We will not be renewing with Carolinas Landscape Management for 2021.
  • I've requested that Cedar Management get quotes together for the concrete repair and painting of the basketball court and as soon as those quotes are available, again, we will look to make a decision and commence work as quickly as possible. Equally, we are in the process of replacing the air conditioning units at the pool. After some back and forth with Cedar Management we decided to purchase the units and we were very fortunate to have a homeowner agree to install those units for free! Milton Chicas has graciously offered to purchase the units out of pocket and submit for reimbursement. With the summer heat upon us, we are looking to get those ordered and installed in the upcoming weeks.
  • We also have areas of the community that face drainage issues which pose a significant risk to homes. While we've been able to address 2 large, problematic areas since January of this year (Travertine and Tinderbox), other areas continue to surface. We recently engaged with companies to assess drainage issues on Midnight Blue and will work to get those approved and scheduled as quickly as possible.
  • We will be riding out the rest of the year with Cedar Management group and Milton Chicas is working on crafting a cancellation letter which is currently under review with an attorney. In addition, the Board will be signing a new contract with Red Rock Management effective January 2021. We look forward to Red Rock's ability to effectively manage the overall needs of our community and the value that is going to bring. More details to come in the HOA meeting scheduled July 14th.
  • Lastly, in an effort to maintain the financial health of our community, Cedar Management has issued letters to accounts that are over 90 days past due. To date, we have $34,000 of uncollected funds which has a profound impact on both the single family and townhome operating expenses. If you have extenuating circumstances we strongly urge you to contact Cedar Management group to discuss payment arrangements and or other options.
I hope this information is helpful!
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