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Posted on Jul 10th, 2020

From HOA Board Member AR Rosso
Hi neighbors, we wanted to provide some additional updates on happenings occurring throughout our community.
  • The tree trimming is underway and notices will be going to to those residents in the upcoming days in the event vehicles will need to be moved.
  • We are signing a power washing contract with Highland Contracting to power wash all of the townhome exteriors, gutters, driveways, sidewalks and pool house which should start at the end of July. Highland will be sending out notices to homeowners as the dates get closer with important details.
  • We are in the process of quoting new pest control companies for our community and should be making a decision on the upcoming weeks. As part of the quoting negotiations the companies are offering discounts to all Waterstone homeowners for interior service. Once a decision has been made, we’ll communicate those details and provide the contact information so homeowners can schedule interior service if they are interested.
  • Our community basketball court is in bad shape and we are working on getting quotes for the repairs/resurfacing.There is some pretty significant erosion occurring around the court itself which is a safety concern and part of the quoting process will include installing a 3 sided fence to prevent people from injuring themselves if they were to inadvertently fall off one of the sides. Stay tuned..
  • Several stops signs and other signs are being replaced/removed in the upcoming week along with getting quotes for overdue maintenance items. Items like the repair of the pergolas/swings on Coralstone, painting of the community monuments, removing rotted signs, fix leaning stop signs, etc.
  • Mulch/pine needle quotes are in process as well as starting to look for new landscape companies in preparation for our contract expiring at the end of the year.
  • Quotes for soil erosion/ retaining walls on Royal Auburn and other areas of the community are also in the works.
  • The AC units at the pool are in the process of being replaced, and a big shout out to Milton Chicas and Adam Franks for coordinating those efforts!
  • Fence repairs are also scheduled to start at the end of this week!
As we continue the efforts throughout our community, simple maintenance like repainting faded shutters, pressure washing to remove mold/mildew, repainting or replacing rusted mailboxes, etc goes a long way to help keep our community looking at its best!
Let’s make Waterstone great again.
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