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Townhome Power Washing- Starts August 17th!
Posted on Jul 28th, 2020

From Board Member AR Rosso
Hi All,
After realizing that our contract with our existing power washing expired, the board worked to obtain new quotes with not only our current power washing company but new vendors as well. After careful consideration, which included professional reference checks, we've signed a 1 year contract with Highland Contracting for our community power washing needs. The scope of their services include:
1, All townhome exteriors including sidewalks, driveways, white vinyl divider fencing (rear concrete slabs are not included)
2. Mailbox stations
3. All monument signs throughout community up to and including the entrance monument and fence
4. Pool deck, clubhouse, sidewalks and curbs
Highland Contracting will post notices for residents of specified units of impending pressure washing about to take place at least three days in advance. Notice will include request for the removal of personal property on patios and the unlocking of any gates so complete cleaning can be achieved. Notice will include the date(s) work is expected to begin.
We are also working on getting MSDS sheets for the chemicals that will be used during the cleaning process and we'll be uploading them to the Waterstone website as well. I'm also working with the contractor to see if they can offer a discount to Waterstone residents who own single family homes and will provide another update as soon as we hear something!
Shortly following the power washing, Scott Prophet has graciously offered to repaint all of the community monuments, which will make a huge improvement to our community curb appeal. We'll work to color match the existing paint used for the signs so they are consistent with the original design.
Information regarding Highland Contracting can be found here:
Please feel free to contact the Waterstone Board with any questions: waterstone-bod@googlegroups.com
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