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Community Pine Straw Refresh- Coming Soon!
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2020

Good day neighbors,
We are happy to announce that the Board approved a community wide pine straw refresh! Cooper Landscaping will be performing the work within the next 2 weeks. The scope of the refresh includes all of the front yards/common areas in the townhomes, Coralstone Dr, and down at the pool area. Its been a few years since we last had them laid and the lack of fresh needles were really having a negative impact on our community asthetics.
For the area on Travertine that's been prone to previous flooding, we are adding more rip rap (rock) to certain areas opposed to adding pine straw. There is also a pretty decent slope behind the townhomes on Travertine and need to solution a better landscaping ground cover so it doesnt clog the french drains. Needless to say, we wont be adding pine straw to that specific area for the time being.
Speaking of landscaping, we arent signing another contract with Carolina Landscape's given the numerous ongoing service issues and are currently negotiating with the companies we are speaking with to include annual pine straw refreshes as part of the standard contract scope and not a seperate, billiable line item. More news to come on the landscape contract negotations so stay tuned.
A big shout out to Caron Aiken for all of her hard work on this!
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