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Transition of Management - Townhomes - January 31, 2022
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2022

The following has been sent via email to all townhome owners:
Dear Waterstone Townhouse Neighborhood Owner(s):
New Town HOA Management, LLC is pleased to have been chosen to serve your Townhouse Neighborhood Homeowners Association with financial and administrative management services beginning January 31, 2022. Our dedicated staff utilizes extensive experience to provide our clients with the best, most dependable services possible.
New Town HOA Management believes that high quality management services contribute to the overall success of any community. We know that each community is different, and we understand how important it is to get to know your community personally. We specialize in customer service and individual contact with homeowners, and we take special pride in our prompt and courteous response time.
Our goal, as your Community Management Company, is to provide you with professional, personalized service. We can be reached either by email at Info@NewTownHOA.com or by phone at (803) 366-5262.
You will be receiving a link to register your Online Owner’s Portal via email, if we have an email address on file for you. If you do not receive the link within the next 5 business days, please let us know and we will be sure we have the correct contact information for you. With our Online Owner’s Portal, you can access your account to make one time or recurring payments, view community documents, and communicate with New Town HOA Management. If you wish to pay dues via US Postal mail, please send (personal or cashier’s) check or money order to our office located at 1339 Ebenezer Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732.
Please note that you will be receiving TWO (2) activation links for each of your owner’s portal for the Waterstone Homeowners Association as well as the Waterstone Townhouse Neighborhood Owners Association. If you use the same email address and password to activate both accounts, the accounts will automatically become linked for your convenience.
Waterstone Townhouse Neighborhood is a community that maintains high standards for quality and attractiveness, which in turn, supports the value of your home. We look forward to a great relationship between New Town HOA Management and Waterstone Townhouse Neighbor Homeowners Association.
Cassandra Dickson
General Manager
New Town HOA Management, LLC
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