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Parking Issues in the Townhomes
Posted on Aug 14th, 2014

Over the years one of the largest problems in the townhomes has been parking. York County states that you have to have two parking spaces per town home. The builder asked for a variance to the building codes to allow this and York County granted the exception. The Goldview townhomes are provided two spaces per unit and the Copperline townhomes are provided with a garage and driveway, which count as the designated two parking spaces. The Board of Directors has gone through both sections and had as many as possible additional parking spaces added as possible without interfering with residents, emergency vehicles, and postal workers access.
Recently many TH owners have indicated that new residents as well as some long time owners have ignored the “No Parking zones” and park in a manner that is inconsistent with published policies. The below shall serve as a reminder to all of acceptable parking and to inform all that towing of improperly parked vehicles will increase. Any vehicle towed, is done so at the vehicle owners expense and the Association will not reimburse any affected person for towing fees. Therefore, it is important that all owners, residents and their guests read, understand and follow the below.

1. Approved parking consists of your assigned spaces, your garage, your driveway, and
the additional marked guest/overflow spaces. Parking across driveways is not permitted. Parking in any other area of the common property other than those specifically noted herein is prohibited.
2. Short-term overflow parking is available at the pool during the off-season, which is October through April; vehicles are NOT to be stored at the pool on a long term basis. Any vehicle left at the pool for over two weeks will be towed.
3. In order for the pool parking lot to be used by all residents during the pool season
vehicles may not parked at the pool for extended periods of more than 24 hours.
4. Vehicles are also NOT to be stored in the additional parking spaces; any vehicle that is
reported to be parked longer than two weeks in one of the additional parking spaces will
be towed.
5. Vehicles parked in the grass or other common property will be towed immediately.
6. Vehicles with expired tags or flat tires will be towed from the additional parking spaces.
7. The overnight parking of boats, trailers, and large trucks is not allowed anywhere within
the community.
8. PODS are allowed, but they must be placed in one of your assigned spaces, not in one of
the additional spaces and they must be removed within one week.
Thank you for your understanding and support. If you have any questions, concerns or specific
short term situations that require additional parking please contact the board at:
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